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About us

About us

Food Supplements and Cosmetics Manufacturer


We formulate dietary supplements, cosmetics, and teas with a primary goal of providing effective support for maintaining health and promoting a wholesome lifestyle.

The Biostile products are the result of the active collaboration of an international team of experts, manufactured in Slovenia at our factory located at the headquarters of our company, Biostile, in Komen. We stand out for the excellent quality of our products, as we exclusively utilize premium raw materials that adhere to the highest industry standards.

The founders of Biostile company are members of the Kosmina family, who have been engaged in the field of dietary supplements since 1990. Under the company’s auspices, they have brought together national and international experts in the dietary supplement field, along with the best suppliers of raw materials in the European region, enhancing these resources with modern production facilities. The Biostile brand distinguishes itself from the array of numerous dietary supplement providers due to the high quality of ingredients, a more intricate composition, and a comprehensive approach to designing quality dietary supplements that cater to the demands of modern life. Emphasis is placed on a blend of active components with proven synergistic effects, not solely on individual ingredients.

In our recipes, modern knowledge acquired through a scientific research approach melds with expertise gained from traditional methods and best practices sourced from around the world. These are harnessed within a holistic framework to address the contemporary challenges of life. Whenever possible and appropriate, we employ organic ingredients sourced from nature in lieu of synthetic counterparts. All products devoid of animal-derived ingredients are enclosed in hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) capsules, making them suitable for vegans as well. Some products are tailored to the specific needs of the modern individual, particularly within our geographical context (for instance, addressing the deficiency of biologically available selenium and silicon in the diet). An integral part of the Biostile range is the authored program by Dr. Majić, designed to enhance the efficacy of treatment for conditions like metabolic syndrome. This program is the outcome of our long-standing, active, and fruitful collaboration.

Dr. Tomislav Majić, the primary figure behind this program, is not only the founder of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center at Šmarješke Toplice Thermal Spa, but also a co-founder of the Angiology Section of Slovenia and a professional collaborator with the Slovenian Society of Cardiologists and Angiologists. He continues to actively practice as a cardiologist.


About us
About us
About us

Gold Excellence Classification

At Biostile, we have been awarded the CompanyWall Gold Excellence Rating! Over the past years, we have consistently maintained one of the highest credit ratings, reflecting the financial stability and excellent business practices of our company.

We take pride in being one of the most reliable companies in the market, with a strong business foundation, and we have earned the trust of customers and business partners both domestically and internationally.

In the business world, it’s a consistent practice to assess companies and their creditworthiness. The credit excellence certificate provided below serves as a quick, clear, and objective indicator of the recipient’s business quality.

The CompanyWall certificate holds recognition both in the domestic and international markets. This recognition confirms that the recipients diligently fulfill their financial obligations and show no signs of operational instability in the future.

About us

Certificates of Excellence

The production of Biostile products adheres to the highest applicable standards in the industry. It undergoes rigorous scrutiny across all manufacturing processes and the entire supply chain, ensuring the selection of the highest quality raw materials and regular quality control. We exclusively opt for raw materials and substances fully compliant with EU regulations. This signifies that the desired substance content and absence of undesired elements are verified through standardized analytical methods, conducted solely in certified European laboratories for this purpose. We choose raw materials that, beyond obligatory legal requirements, also undergo additional analyses to validate their quality.

ISO 22716 and Slovenian Organic Certification

In the realm of cosmetics production and distribution, the ISO 22716:2007 certificate for Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) validates the high quality of the production process.

In the domain of food production and distribution, the supervisory body Inštiut KON-CERT issues the Slovenian Organic Certificate No. 400208243 to the company Biostile d.o.o.

ISO 22000: 2005 standard, GMP and HACCP

With ISO 22000:2005 standard and the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate, we showcase our precision in food production, ensuring the safety of end products while simultaneously adhering to regulatory requirements.

Through SIQ Certificate No. F-092, we demonstrate the presence of a well-established and properly maintained management system that fulfills the requirements of the HACCP standard.

About us
About us

Business Card

Name: Biostile d.o.o.

Adress: Komen 129 a, 6223 Komen, Slovenia


VAT number: SI17834619