D3 vitamin Microencapsulated

Ensure normal functioning of the immune system and muscles and maintain healthy teeth and bones.

Food supplement containing microencapsulated vitamin D3. 3800 IU in one capsule (from deer lichen Cladonia rangiferina)

Quantity: 30 capsules (for 30 days)


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According to the latest medical reports, today the majority of the population worldwide faces a vitamin D3 deficiency. However, due to the modern way of life and spending most of the time indoors, the problem occurs more and more frequently even in the summer, when in principle the sun is sufficient for the self-production of vitamin D3. People who spend a lot of time indoors, older people with thinner skin and less subcutaneous tissue, and people who should not be exposed to the sun are especially at risk.

Absorption and bioavailability of vitamin D3
Due to the awareness of the importance of this vitally important vitamin, which is actually a hormone, we at Biostile used innovative and patented microencapsulation technology based on the principle of coacervation and microencapsulated vitamin D3. With this, we achieved better stability, water solubility and greater bioavailability of vitamin D3. The coacervate microcapsule is resistant to degradation in acidic and neutral environments and gives vitamin D3 high bioavailability. With microencapsulation, we achieve targeted delivery to the site of absorption – to the small intestine, where the microcapsule is only broken down by pancreatic enzymes. Optimal absorption is also ensured, since the microencapsulated D3 is already dissolved in a drop of oil and the level of absorption does not depend on the composition of our meal. In addition, there is no flaking or unpleasant taste after it, and with microencapsulation we also ensure greater stability of the product (the dry, normal form is more subject to oxidation). Vitamin D3 is obtained from a plant source – deer lichen, and is thus also suitable for vegans.


Vitamin D3

  • Vitamin D3 contributes to the normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
  • Vitamin D3 helps maintain healthy bones and muscle function.
  • Vitamin D3 plays a major role in cell division.
  • Vitamin D3 contributes greatly to maintaining the immune system


One capsule a day (1×1); at breakfast and at dinner, with a glass of water.


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Maltodextrin, capsule (HPMC – hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose), vitamin D3 (cholecaciferol from lichen Cladonia rangiferina), stabilizers (gum arabic, corn starch, olive oil), preservative (potassium sorbate), anti-adherents (magnesium stearate, anhydrous silica).

Ingredient          Quantity              NRV*

BMT®* Vitamin D3

(3800 IU)            95 µg     1900%

* Nutrient reference values for adults, based on Regulation (EU) No.1169/2011, n.d. not determined

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